Tri-State Amateur Radio Society


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Field Day

Field Day 2016

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CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day

Field Day weekend is June 25-26 2016, and this year we will set up the TARS Field Day operation at the Red Cross facility on Stockwell Rd in Evansville.  We are excited to try a new location this year, and invite everyone to come out and see what its all about!  We will start setting up on Saturday June 25 around 9AM, and will set up at least 3 radio stations plus a GOTA (Get On The Air) station.  The GOTA station's sole purpose is to allow folks who rarely or never have operated HF radio to get on the air and make some contacts with the assistance of a seasoned Ham Operator to show them the ropes!  So bring your family and friends and come on out to Ham Radio Field Day at the Red Cross on June 25th and 26th 2016.

Ham Operators, please plan on coming out and operating a station for a period of time.  We will operate the full 24 hours so if you are a night owl and want to operate some overnight that would be great.  Or any time- come on out and help us operate.  All ham operators are welcome to work a station.

This is always a very fun exciting weekend and I hope you are planning to join us when you can.  I would love to see a record turnout.

Also if you are new to ham radio you are especially invited.  There is no better way to learn about antennas and setting up radio stations that watching or helping other hams who have done it before.  We always welcome new hams!

Hope to see you all there!  73!

John N9oL