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2m Simplex Contest Summer 2020

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TARS 2M FM Simplex Contest

Welcome to the Summer 2020 TARS 2M FM simplex contest. All hams in the tri-state area is welcome to participate.

This will take place of the normal August club meeting. The board felt rather than hold another ZOOM meeting this would be a good way to involve everyone, have some fun and perhaps make a few acquaintances.

This contest helps us all be prepared in a number of ways, gets to know one another, allow for some friendly competition and try out our emergency preparedness skills.  Since this contest is limited to the 2M FM band, it does not require any fancy equipment and all can participate.

The contest is just a short 3 hour timeframe

This is a great time for all local area hams to participate and join in the activity!

When: Thursday August 13  6-9  PM CDT (8/13 23:00Z – 8/14 02:00Z)

Objectives: To make as many contacts as possible, encouraging the use of 2M simplex mode, and to have fun!

The Hunter vs. the Hunted:  Consider operating from a remote location, high point, or perhaps a roving mobile; Mobile stations are able to re-work stations from different zip codes!

Frequencies: The contest will take place solely on 2 meter band using simplex mode; (e.g. no repeater contacts) on the 12 designated simplex frequencies.

All the information is attached below.
You may submit the written log sheets or an Excel spreadsheet log is also attached.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (2020-08-13-TARS_2M_Simplex_Contest_Details.pdf)2020-08-13-TARS_2M_Simplex_Contest_Details.pdf2m contest Information and Rules301 Kb
Download this file (TARS_2M_Simplex_Contest_Log_Sheet.xls)TARS_2M_Simplex_Contest_Log_Sheet.xls2m contest Excel log spreadsheet44 Kb




Several members of TARS will be participating in the Walmart Parking Lots On The Air (WMPLOTA) event this coming weekend. WMPLOTA is a special event and award scheme for amateur radio satellite operators that encourages the practice of portable operation in the ubiquitous and easily accessible location of Walmart parking lots. For an overview of the event see:


The contest exchange must include at least the station call signs and either the Walmart store number or 4 digit maidenhead grid square(s) at the discretion of the operator. “Associate” stations are defined as operating from an allowable store and “Shopper” stations are from a location other than those defined as an Associate.  There are several multipliers and bonus points available. For a complete list of the rules and awards see:


The goal for our team will be to set up at and make contacts from all Evansville area Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Market and Sam’s Club locations.  Cory KD9MHB, Dave WB9YIG and Len N9QVQ will be the intrepid operators.  The contest runs from 00:00 UTC Saturday 7/6/2019 (19:00 Friday evening local) until 23:59 UTC Sunday (18:59 Sunday evening local) but exact times for our operation will be tempered by family commitments and XYL tolerance. We will be using the W9OG call and attempting both FM and Linear satellites.


As usual, Dave WB9YIG is concocting a mobile setup that will be ripe for Murphy ’s Law to visit. The set-up will include an Az-El rotor using an Arrow antenna on rear of his RV (gotta keep an eye out for low trees) and a brand new IC-9700 (should probably read the manual).  Cory has a new MFJ antenna that we will try. You never can tell what we will come up with.


We will try to announce our location on the W9OG repeater so if you get a chance, come out and join the fun.



13 Colonies Special Event now going on!

2019 Event Dates / July 1 (9AM Eastern) to July 7 (Midnight Eastern)

(July 1, 2019-1300 UTC to July 8, 2019-0400 UTC)



Get all the information at


You still have a couple of weeks to come up with a homebrew key!!!

Not sure what a cootie key is check out these links.


Club Code Key Contest

This contest is a just for fun event and will have certificates awarded for various categories.

Judging will happen in the time between the meeting program and the business meeting.
A code oscillator will be set up to check the operation of the keys.

The fun started in March and the next installment will be at the July meeting with Bug or Cootie Key competition.

The rules have been kept simple.

  • You must have built the key YOURSELF.
  • It may be a KIT or Homebrewed.
  • It must WORK.

The schedule is.

July - Bug or Cootie Key

September - MacGyver Key / Rube Goldberg Key

Even if you don’t work CW, this can be a fun contest just to get everyone up and doing something. Perhaps we could even get a CW learning net on the air and put them to use.

Winner of the May home brew paddle key was Dennis WA2USA.