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May 2 INQP and Picnic

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Life gets busy so here's a reminder about this Saturday (May 2nd). Join us for the TARS Picnic and Indiana QSO party. We'll be at Wesselman's Park at the first shelter you come to as you go into the park (Where we had Winter Field Day). We'll set up antennas starting about 930am.

The club will provide Fried Chicken from Gabe's Deli, soft drinks and water, plates cups and napkins. Bring a side dish if you can to share with the group.We'll plan to eat around noon.

We hope to have 2 stations for the INQP and we'll probably operate the stations at Wesselman's until about 4pm. But even if you can't come you can still enjoy the contest and have your points added to TARS total. Just send us a copy of your log when you're done and we'll submit it. The contest runs from 1600 UTC (11am local) on Saturday until 11pm that night. If you want to operate some after you go home from the picnic feel free to do so. Handwritten logs will be typed in and forwarded, or if you use N3FJP logging software download their INQP logging software and send me a copy of your log in Cabrillo format.

Your log will need to state your callsign, names and callsigns of all operators, and what Indiana county you operated your station from. Here's the exchange for the QSO party: Callsign, State, province or country, RST received and RST sent. If the contact is from Indiana we also need their county. If they are operating on the border of 2 counties or they are a rover and switch counties, count them separately for each new county.

This really is a fun contest. Hope you can join in.

Questions? Just ask.