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DX Report 1/31/18
« on: January 31, 2018, 06:45:39 PM »
Looks like the bands are not so good, but a few good signals making it.  In the last few days we have logged V5/Dk7PE very good signal on 80 meters, no one calling at all. 3.501 up 1 2057.

We worked D68I no problem 14.195 up 2050Z, this one has not been real active but has shown up now and then.

C8IX this is good for IOTA hunters, counts as Mozambique for DXCC easy to work on twenty meter phone 14.180 up.

Z60A good one, got CW and phone contacts, still trying forty and 80, but darn near impossible. This effort is supposed to last until the 5th so maybe we might get lucky. Did work Z60A on CW 14.010 up 1800Z,

3Y0 nothing heard of them, no spots, zip as of today, who knows the weather may not support a landing, so many problems going to this remote island. I am sure the pile up will be huge when they do appear.

Looks like 15 and ten are pretty useless, twenty is the band for dx and the lower bands, I think any operation by dx stations on those bands would be wasted effort unless a quick window of opening. Stay tuned.
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