Author Topic: DX Report 1/26/18  (Read 339 times)


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DX Report 1/26/18
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:38:01 AM »
There are several good ones on the air in the last few days, ZC4A has been active, mostly cw so far and provides contacts for the UK base in Cyprus, now keep this in mind ZC4 and 5B4 are separate entities. ZC4 is not that active these days, so if you need it, jump on it. Since this operation is active, but at different times and bands consult one of the clusters to find them.

Z60A this is Kosovo and will be active for another ten days, or so, it has been a little elusive on some bands, good copy last night on 80 meters, but huge pileup. Since this one is a new entity on the list, I plan to keep looking until I make a contact on at least one band, maybe two.

Nothing heard yet of the 3Y0 operation, but give them a couple of days to get set up, I imagine the conditions on the island are horrid, snow, low temps, wind, we shall welcome an appearance.

QSL cards have shown up for S01WS a contact on 80 meters and ZA1WW also on 80 meters, nice cards indeed.

More to come as I find out, stay tuned.