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DX info 10/24/17
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:09:41 AM »
In case you have not heard there is a major expedition in the works, there will be a large group of ops heading to Baker Island KH1 for ten days of operating on all bands 160-6. The dates for this operation are late June and early July of 2018. From our view we can use a contact on 80 meters and ten meters. This one has been in the bag since the early sixties for us when the prefix was KB6. That goes back many years, we did grab the last expedition using the call KH1. This one is a rare one, split will be the norm, so if you are not familiar how to split consult my articles on this site.

In other news VK9 to Mellish Reef this is supposed to be a major attempt with several ops, as in the past these ventures to the chain of VK9 entities did not produce much, let's see what happens with this one?

There has been an operation using the call R1ANO, some stated he was on South Shetland, others say South Pole, we are not sure, DXCC entities list R1 and FJL that is Franz Joe Land, however I was beaming due South when i worked this station on 15, 21.010 10/24/17 2000Z.  So he is somewhere either South Pole, or South Shetland, station is not listed in QRZ.