Author Topic: New Expedition 3/5/18  (Read 334 times)


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New Expedition 3/5/18
« on: March 05, 2018, 04:42:35 PM »
There is activity from Revilla Gigedo Gee I hope I got that mouth full spelled correctly, normally the XF4 prefix is used, this is the first time a 4B has been activated from these islands. The call is 4B4B and should be a piece of cake to work. The islands are owned by Mexico and located just off the coast of Mexico in the Pacific. Not far, but rare and they do count as a separate entity.

Worked this afternoon with ease 14.195 up five, 2220Z. Aim Southwest, the signal was not that strong due to lousy propagation, but workable. Hope to catch them on 80 meters..