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DX Report 6/17/14
« on: June 17, 2014, 07:09:06 AM »
I am glad so many come by the forum and read my postings, lots of DXers out there and of course I am one of them.

We have some good ones to report, but the bands still remain rather poor for most of the day.

TZ6BB 14.035 0715Z qsl via W3HNK.

EA8TL big signal from the Canary Islands 14.017 1100Z

3W3B 21.007 0040Z.

MD0CCE 21.029 2255Z.

HS0ZKX 21.017 2240Z.

One has to ponder this example: Sent a direct qsl to JT1AA normal envelope and green stamps. I placed my card in a plain white envelope that is what I use. It was gone for two weeks, came back the other day with one sticker stating from the post office stating they could not deliver it with the address shown?  Second marking was stamp wanting more postage. Now, which one was it?  The address is a P.O. Box Ulanbator, Mongolia my guess is the P.O. had never heard of Mongolia?  Another instance of this was a qsl addressed to Bosnia, it came back marked no such place.   I went down to the P.O. and drew them a picture and gave them an update lesson. It was Yugoslavia, but has been called Bosnia for the last decade or longer, where have you been?

Now, we wonder why so many of us do not want the hassle of direct mail?  Overall, my delivery versus non delivery is very high, but there are those instances. they are in the dark about international mail.

The best one was a return of my qsl to a ham in New Mexico, the P.O. wanted international mail rates.  I told the clerk I hate to inform you,but New Mexico became a state in 1912. HELLO!   DUH!