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DX Report 6/13/14
« on: June 13, 2014, 07:33:52 AM »
Some improvements in the bands in the last couple of days.

We have two active stations from P29 with very good signals.

P29NO 14.005 1215Z.

P29FR 14.220 11:30Z.

ZA/ON6NB 21.006 up 1 1220Z. Hopefully documentation will follow.

4W/HB9FLX 21.288 same as above. This station is running QRP, so one may have to listen close, or in some instances they may not be heard at all. We will see what develops in the next few days. 

VR1UU 7.015 12:15 Z 

There are still some of the special event stations on the air in regards to 70th of D day. plus the usual flood of reports about ARRL centennial and the operation from W1AW. if You are pursuing them check DX sccape for all posts.