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DX Report 9/23/12
« on: September 23, 2012, 09:18:05 PM »
New forum site, nice indeed!  DX notables are the following  on 20 meters.

JY5HX good signal 2205z 14.030 khz

For a few days Z69K this one has been heard with a good signal from Kosovo. However, this will not count for DXCC not yet. An announcement may be coming shortly from the league, so stay tuned.

XU7AAI, this one was a good catch on twenty meter cw, worked on 14.012 up two 1135 Z.

3D2OX Russian Ham operating from Fiji good signal on twenty cw 1037Z this station has been worked on 40 and 20.

VK9CS, Christmas Island Expedition worked on twenty  1335z on 9/23/12

Last is OJOW an operation from Market Reef. Also 9/23/ 1900z twenty cw. 14.035.