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DX Report 10/25/12
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:54:28 AM »
Big signal from 6V7S from Senegal, worked during the evening hours around 0200z  14.015. this frequency varies as times with this station, but the signal is always very strong in our area.

T6LG also very good signal during the evening hours, glad to hear so much activity from Afghanistan these days. T6LG mostly around 14.005. up 1 or 2.

Big pile up for ZD8O this is a new station and not heard before, Ascension Island and this is a some what rare entity. This operation was using ssb on 14.260 and simplex. It did turn into quite a mess and they should have split frequency. Signal was very strong, check around 0200z and 14,260. If you are the first few to hear him, well you might make it through all the callers. This may be a new op and not sure how to split...

Stay tuned on that one.

Unusual call surfaced on 40, only on for two minutes or less, never worked any one stateside, BV22013LF  that is hand full to send on cw. This is Taiwan, signal pretty weak and covered by a louder state side station.

T30PY folded their tent on the 24th, I am sure there will be more chances for this one coming in the next year or so. Bands are pretty dead during the daylight hours, but show some sign of life during the evening hours.