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DX Report 08/13/18
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:44:21 PM »
Wish I had better things to report, but conditions continue to be poor during the day, we tuned in on the WAE contest over the weekend, but heard few signals. Fact of the matter I have been battling a virus and and have spent the last few days inside. I am better today then I was on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We can hope for the best.

Good news, we should be back in business on six meters and hope to catch some openings in the fall and winter if possible. We are having the new beam installed, I am just too old to be doing any major antenna work any longer, but we sure do miss it. We will have a five element at 80 feet, so we should work some thing, you think?

Looks like the KH9 extended operation is still hopeful, but do not hold your breath on this one.

There will be two operations from Kosovo on beginning on the 17th and the other on the 20th, one will make use of the digital modes, the other conventional SSB. If you did not work this entity last effort, good luck this time.
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