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DX Report 08/10/18
« on: August 10, 2018, 10:19:08 AM »
Bands are not that good today, pretty bad, however around 1300Z we did have some openings ti China, BU5AD,14.007 with pretty good signal. No problem to work.

In other action one station showed up signing the call YB37RI/1 this one is not in, it may be legit, but chances are it is not. Indonesia is a hot bed of pirate radio operators, and this one reeks of being a pirate. Like I stated, it may be legit, but all indications are it is a pirate. Normally, the call letters for Indonesia are YB then a number and two, or three letters, not two numbers.  However, this could be a special event operation giving them the benefit of the doubt, be nice if that is true.

One other station a VU2CRS was on 14.212 but did not stay long, one contact and gone. This occurred around 1330Z and that was it, band died off few signals heard.
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