Author Topic: DX Report 08/08/18  (Read 372 times)


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DX Report 08/08/18
« on: August 08, 2018, 09:19:24 AM »
What few signals heard this morning are weak and fluttery, we did have a quick contact with BG4GOV nice signal on 14.012 1300Z. There were reports of two 9M stations one on 14.210 with a strong signal to North America. We did not copy this station apparently they did not stay long and made only a couple of contacts, again around 1300Z. Same with HS0 also reported by others, but no copy on this end.

There is one K5 operating portable FO makes a few contacts and then gone, this also has been reported or spotted on the clusters, This is a cw operation plus some FT8.  I heard via the rumor mill this was Chesterfield Island, but not sure. I assume this one will be confirmed via the home call by some method. No real updated info on this one, in fact they have not been heard at my location.  Band is really dead and not much coming in from any direction, looks like a real dud day as far as radio..