Author Topic: DX Report 7/28/18  (Read 376 times)


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DX Report 7/28/18
« on: July 28, 2018, 04:27:28 AM »
During the daylight hours nothing much at all happening on twenty meters, however it seems the band shows some sign of life around 0400Z. Several stations on from VK/ZL and we had a good contact with FK8 into New Caledonia, nice signal and no one calling this fellow.

I chatted with FK8GU for a few minutes, it was getting late and I had to put it down for the night, he was just beginning to start his day. What was amazing I went to log the contact on QRZ and there it was the contact I just had about a minute ago ready for me to hit the confirm button. I did, we made someone happy on the other side of the world, that is what  DXing is all about, make some one happy and confirm your contacts.