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DX Report7/25/18
« on: July 25, 2018, 09:12:35 AM »
Nothing much at all stirring, there has been an infrequent operation from V6J 14.220 Khz around 12:30 Z this op is not on long, mostly exchange of signal reports and that is it. V6J is a special event station so grab this one while you have a chance.

In other information, KH9 is in the works, according to the latest info this should begin around August 15 and last for about ten days. Lots of chances to grab a new one, it is supposed to be all bands and modes so we shall see what happens when they get started.

Bands are continued to be very poor, nothing  much at any time, although some openings are happening around 0500Z with ZL/VK signals. ZL4IR is on a lot and easy to work on twenty meter phone, frequency varies, but normally above 14.200KHz and not much higher then 14.240. Ok, that is about it for now terrible as it is, that is it..