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DX Report 7/09/18
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:21:06 PM »
For the first day in a long time we had some fair openings in the early hours of the morning. We found two Japanese stations with very good signals and one station from the Philippine's  with very good signals. Band was open, but no one around.. DU3LA active on 14.010 at 07:20 local time, or 12:230 Z,

In addition to this for a few scant contacts was JV5A this was a special event station out of Mongolia, rare zone 23. Nothing else was heard of this operation, so it may be back, or never heard again, time will tell. I would suggest to those of you looking for Asian contacts to check 20 meters around 1200Z or around 7 AM local time for some contacts. The opening is short, so you have to work them when you have a chance.

In other activity we continue to hear, or work special event stations in New Zealand and some signals heard well from Australia around 11PM local time, or 0400Z, Activity seems to center around 14.198 and 14.240.