Author Topic: KH7Z/KH1 info  (Read 440 times)


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KH7Z/KH1 info
« on: June 27, 2018, 05:50:29 PM »
This operation is on the air, but there was no detectable signal back this way, not even a peep. They were on the 20 meter band around 1800Z 14.210 up ten, nothing heard at all. Later at 20:30Z they switched to CW at 14.023 listening up at least two. Only ones getting through were West Coast stations, midwest reported signal barely heard.

It is now 22:45Z and I am starting to hear a very faint signal on 14.023 KHZ. seems like you have those who do not understand the word up and call on the same frequency. If you do call listen to the instructions and call up where ever the operation states they are listening.

With these terrible conditions, I do not look for a good copy on most bands, we are going to check 20 later on tonight and see what the signal strength is as of that time.