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DX Report 4/10/18
« on: April 10, 2018, 12:37:21 PM »
Only DX to report as unusual is 3B7A this station is active on several bands with a good signal despite poor bands. On 15 there are on most 21.285 up and around 1900Z, or somewhat later. In the evenings they have been heard on 40 7.023 up around 0200Z. We have not heard too much action on 80, seems the band is good at times, but the signal drops down into the noise often.

We are looking for a 15 meter contact, but so far have missed them for several times, but we keep hoping. Did receive qsl cards from J70BH adding a new band country on 15, 3D2JS on 17 meters for a new band country, and TO2SP on St. Barts for a new 80 meter band country. I do have several more on other bands such as Z60 still waiting for the card.

Plus we also received a qsl from A45XR in Oman for a contact on 80 meters, nice one indeed.