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DX Report 03/11/18
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:49:16 AM »
9M0W is supposed to be running an expedition, however we have noticed few spots on the clusters, roughly three, or four contacts and they vanish. I saw on the clusters that a few spots surfaced and they were on 7.016 around 1100Z.I checked the frequency and heard nothing, did copy a few stations calling on 7.017 and that was it. The callers were midwest, or North east. Nothing in the 4th district at least not in Kentucky.

Quite frankly, I did not expect this one to be much, rotten propagation is the main cause, we had worked this entity on 20 meter SSB and CW a few years ago for our only band on this rare one.

I did see on the clusters they were spotted on 14.190, but again no copy, or so lite you could barely detect a signal. We will see what the next few days bring us, but my feelings are write it off.