Author Topic: DX contest Summation/2/19/18  (Read 350 times)


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DX contest Summation/2/19/18
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:10:47 PM »
This year my plan was to attack 80 meters to gain new band countries, although there were some great signals from Europe we chose to look for other areas. We did gain VP2MSS and, FG5BP, J6, we did attack some some from Europe like 9A, S5, E70. life was good indeed.

Normally, the contest produced lots of stations from Europe, Caribbean, and South America, a few Asian stations, mostly Japanese, little from Africa other then CN and CR3. Otherwise, it has been a pretty dead area for contesting.

This week was not one of the best, not bad, just not good overall, However, it depends on what you are seeking and it several contacts I came out ahead of the game.