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DX Report 2/13/18
« on: February 13, 2018, 01:37:12 PM »
Band conditions have been really poor these days, nothing much happening. However, some information on a couple of stations, one is the MT0 operation to Isle of man did not produce much. It was a short operation of only three days. However, few spots listed them as heard in the U.S. while there were several in Europe, either no propagation, or no operation during the peaks for North America. In any event write this one off and wait until a more productive operation takes place.

In other bits of information we did work FG5GP on 75 meter phone on the 12th with a 59 signal exchange both ways 0430Z was the time and 3.790Khz the frequency. Now FG is not that far away, but if you do not have it on the band you are working, then it becomes a new band country. That was the case with me, never worked it before on 80 meters, so we gained a new one for the DX challenge.

Did I also mention that C5DX made the scene on 40 meters running simplex at 7.013Khz date was 2/11/18 and time was 00:47Z signal was really good, activity has not been much since that night. But, at least they made an appearance on the bands. Another good one was EL2EF on 2/10/18 on 14.205 simplex, easy to work and not much of a pile up.

In the past few days I reported about three stations being active from V31, however as of this date not much activity, and nothing on ten where I could use a contact. Of course there has been nothing on ten for some time, a few scattered stations and that is it. No dx, with three stations going the end results are a little disappointing!   That is close to wrapping up February, little else on the list stay tuned.