Author Topic: Up date on Kosovo operations  (Read 406 times)


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Up date on Kosovo operations
« on: February 09, 2018, 11:21:51 AM »
There are two stations in operation so far in this new entity, Z60A of course was the expedition call, as of lately the activity from this one has slowed down, they have been working at times RTTY, so those of you working that mode you might have a chance.

The other station is Z61DX this one was worked on twenty this morning 14.003khz 1244Z, so far nothing heard of either one of them on 15, or 10.

Z60A qsl route is via OH2BH and Z61DX via OQRS. I am sure in the coming months more stations will appear, but we will see what happens?

BTW at my location on 40/80 signal from Z60A was in and out, mostly out and fading into the noise.