Author Topic: DX Report 2/7/18  (Read 353 times)


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DX Report 2/7/18
« on: February 07, 2018, 04:50:59 AM »
I have noticed the Z60A operation has died down, nothing heard from them at all last night on 80 meters, this will be active until the 18th, but not sure who is running the station, apparently Marty, OH2BH has left and leaving it to locals, maybe that is the reason? On low band efforts I was on 80 CW last night and worked 4Z4KX at 0430Z 3.502 nice signal. No one calling.   I decided to venture to the phone band and found on 3.791 YT1AA, YU4DX and I5ZSS all with great signals, even if you have a modest antenna you have a good chance of working these fellows. They are using 80 meter beams, so with that type of antenna you do not need much to reach them, just a few callers, but this might provide some contacts for the Novice DXer.

The D68I operation has been a let down, little activity, perhaps propagation is no good, but there are a few good signals from South Africa, so it looks like we do have propagation to that part of the world, I have hoped for a ten meter, or 80 meter contact, but so far nothing.

Let's see what today brings us and the rest of this month.