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DX Report 2/5/18
« on: February 05, 2018, 06:19:04 AM »
For those of you looking for the new DXCC entity of Kosovo, you still have plenty of time to catch them. This present operation will continue to February 18, so as of today we have thirteen days more of the chase. I am still trying for an 80 meter contact, but the signal has not been good. Last night z60A was on 3.503 working simplex, that was a mess in a hurry. In a few minutes split was used, but not enough signal to copy who they were coming back to after listening.

On the subject of donations to a dx expedition, I know some refuse to do so, but consider the recent 3y0 attempt. The attempt cost around $400,000 according to the latest information. This island is one of the worst places on the planet, but all you have to do is make an attempt to work them. You are not living under crude living quarters and freezing in high winds and terrible weather. Even landing is a problem and that was the main reason this one did not happen. Sending them a few bucks will help out if you work them and want a qsl card for your records. My gosh, you spend that much on soft drinks, or some for cigarettes.

As to other operations D68I is showing up now and then, but not on a regular basis, in other operations Z81D has been on twenty meter phone around 14.235 or 14.240 pretty easy to work. We are still watching for 3D2J on 80 meters, seems like I miss him since he is on around 0600Z and that is around midnight local time. I did work this station on 17 for a new band country, great indeed those new band countries are piling up. Oh forgot to mention Z81D is on in the afternoon hours local time, around two Pm. Just take a listen.

Lastly listening on 3.792 last night around 10 pm local time, big signals from two stations in Austria, one from Serbia, one from Italy and I just missed a SV9, they look for North America for a while and I am amazed how loud they are, but two of them are using 80 meter beams. That must be a sight to behold! Ok, more to come as I look over the bands.