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DX Comments 5/2/13
« on: May 01, 2013, 09:28:58 PM »
I have not posted much in the last few days since the bands have been terrible. Little to nothing in the early hours of the morning and even less during the daylight and evening hours.

Couple of comments about some activity from Lebanon, in the last few months three stations have surfaced, but getting a qsl card is something of a rare feat. There is no card bureau in Lebanon, mail service is marginal at best, seems any ham radio mail never makes it to the person that is supposed to get it.

Some of the Lebanon stations are taking Pay pal with a minimum of $5.00 for a qsl card. Save your money on this, I am not giving anyone my credit card number and particularly anyone in the middle east. Yes, I know it is supposed to be secure, but we know how that happens and I would not advise it. I obtained a couple of qsl cards form Lebanon years ago, so I am satisfied with the fact I have the country confirmed and further bands may produce a contact but no card.

Recent cards received were 5X8C,9u4U, V63ZM,YL3FT,TZ6BB, D3AA,VP2MRV, over a hundred cards are sitting at ARRL waiting to be checked. They have been sitting in Newington since the 6th of February. You would think things would move faster, but this is not the case. I am waiting for my approval for the DX challenge, but the suspense is killing me and the wait is really lengthy.

On six meters, nothing heard on this band for months, in fact nothing noted in 2013 and not much in 2012, looks like it will be a long wait on this band..

Summer doldrums have now hit us, but maybe things will improve and our logs will be filled with those rare ones.


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Re: DX Comments 5/2/13
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 09:07:01 AM »
Just an FYI, OD5ZZ (Walid ) from Lebanon does QSL via LOTW and direct. He is a graduate for The University of Evansville (Civil Engineering) and has been very active on 15 17 and 20M SSB. He will stop running DX and gladly chat with anyone from the Evansville area.