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DX Report 12/18
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:31:59 AM »
There are two more days for the E31A activation so if you have not gotten at least one contact, now is your chance. I did manage a contact on 15 and 20, fifteen was a new band country, so I am going away happy. As to 40/80 the signal just was not that good for me to copy, a faint whisper, seems like stations to the North of my location had good copy and to the South nothing much.

Indeed this was odd since I was copying all other DX stations posted on those bands, E31 is activated now and then, so you may have to wait for the next effort.

The next big item is the expedition to 3Y0 and is in the travel stages as of this date, let's hope the propagation Gods favor us for this one, again I could use a contact on 15, or 10. We do have this one confirmed from previous efforts on 20 meters.. 

We did pick up our first Ukraine station on 40 meters very good signal from UT5UJO on 7.011 0100Z, this added another one to DX challenge. Looks like the 60 operation is about ended, have not heard anything from that operation in a couple of days, so looks like it is over for now.

Ok, make sure your antennas are working, your rigs can split frequency, be ready for the 3Y0 operation and I am sure a big pile up will be noticed.