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Yaesu FT 65R
« on: January 01, 2018, 10:39:41 PM »
After New Years I often browse around on the web site of HRO to see what type of bargains, or specials they have, I really do not need anything, but just in case I do, or find something I may order it.

This year was no exception and one item caught my eye, that is the Yaesu FT 65R now this unit is being sold for a mere $119.95 on this special, the unit is an analog HT, but has several features, namely dual band 2 meters and 70 CM, it does not have the highly touted C4FM, or D Star. It has a maximum of five watts output, plus memory channels, priority channel, scan, can be an FM radio receiver.

Ok, so what is in the box besides the HT, nothing other then some packing..

If you want nine hours of operating you will need the 2500 Mah battery at $44.95, charger for this battery is $19.95,
a wall wart is $19.95, Programing Software $48.95, clone cable, $19.95 and Programming cable $19.95.
It must not even come with the 1500 Mah battery since there is a charge for it at $34.95

Now let's add up the total: $119.95 plus all the needed items bring the total to $298.20. So your bargain HT starting out at $119.95 is no bargain. I would suggest looking around if you want an HT and see what is included in the box for the price.  Unless you just want this unit it is not a good bargain. Sorry, but look elsewhere.

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