Author Topic: DX Report 12/27/17  (Read 299 times)


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DX Report 12/27/17
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:33:58 AM »
Wish I had good news, but the bands are poor this morning and nothing much making it in my receiver. There was supposed to be a holiday type operation from C5, but this has not been heard as of this morning. Most of these holiday style operations do not amount to much and we do not spend much time looking for them.

In other news, later on during the week there is scheduled a more serious operation from C5, but with poor band conditions, it may, or may not happen.

We have been listening on 80 for V73NS and JD1BMH, so far no luck on either one, signals if there at all were down in the noise and nothing heard. However, the band is alive at nights with several good signals from Europe, some real good,others around a 549, but heard.

Stay tuned fellow dx hounds, who knows the bands may explode, then again maybe not.