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DX Report 12/14/17
« on: December 14, 2017, 04:18:04 AM »
Band conditions were very poor and have been for the last few days, nothing much of notation has been  heard, or worked. I did manage to find a new band country on 80 meters and that was ES3AX in Estonia. Nice signal hitting about 559, weak, workable. In other news there is also another expedition in the works for 3B7, that is Agalega and St. Brandon, this is the same group that gave us FT4JA about a year ago and it was a great effort.

We have this island and separate entity on 40 and 20, but nothing else, I hope maybe some propagation on 15, 10 or even 80 meters, but I am certain the pile ups will be huge for a while. Again, it will be a split operation, be sure you have that idea in your head before calling. Let's see what today brings us, I do not look for much. Latest propagation reports indicate a drop in sunspot activity, bummer.