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DX Report 12/12/17
« on: December 12, 2017, 05:02:07 AM »
I have not been submitting reports on a daily basis, with poor bands there is little out of the ordinary to report. For the last few days 20/15/10 have been pretty dormant with little making it. We seem to have peaks and then deep valleys, it is the deep valleys when nothing makes it.

I for one have turned to the lower bands, 80 meters has provided some interesting contacts over the last few weeks, you might want to take a listen around 11 PM local time around 3.790 some of the signals from Europe will amaze you. For those who can copy CW tune around from 3.5 to 3.530 lots of CW signals on a good night from Europe.

In January we have a major expedition coming in the form of 3Y Bouvet Island, this is indeed rare, we have this one worked on 20 meters but nothing else. Hopefully, some activity on 15, or ten will happen, but then again those bands may be dead. I am sure the pile ups will be huge and split operation will be used, review your rig on how to operate split.

Nothing major for the rest of the month, but if something interesting shows up rest assured you will read about on my postings.

For those of you working FT8 there is much activity, but it seems the biggest complaint is no real conversation, well so be it, I may pursue it after working up to 1500 band countries on DXCC challenge.