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DX Report 12/11/17
« on: December 11, 2017, 04:52:14 AM »
Although, the higher bands close up early and during the day have little activity, there is plenty of action on the lower bands. As I mentioned earlier 80 meters is great for those "Gray Line contacts.   Just about every night around 3.790 there are some big signals from Europe. One station in Wales is very strong, I am talking about ten DB over, OE6MBG from Austria is also very strong, last night they were looking for contacts into the states, I had worked these fellows  a couple of nights ago, so passed on a second contact.

On CW I gained a new band country working OK2RZ on 3.503 with indeed a 599 signal, truly amazing once the Gray line kicks in, but it only lasts about a half hour once the sun comes up fully in Europe, the signals are gone. The above stations mentioned were being worked around 11PM local time.

On the higher bands two contacts took place during the day one was FK8DD and the other VK3CWB both on long path, beam heading North east. Signals were outstanding, this occurred around 2 pm Local time.

I had been looking for HC8LUT on ten meters, but missed the window of opening, it is short lived I could have used them on a ten meter qso, but better luck next time.