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DX Report 11/10/17
« on: November 10, 2017, 07:30:09 AM »
Bands have been alive with several expeditions going at once, makes life good at times. Starting with the best one so far is the 3C1L operation they have been on CW and phone as well.Check for them on 20 meter phone 14.190 up 5 to 10. Big signal and heard very well. Try the afternoons for best path to this one.

VK9MA this one has produced more contacts in the last few days in my opinion then the last five attempts, again a big signal. Station has been heard and worked on 40 7.024 up 10:40 Z. Very good signal, on 80 try 3.502 up mostly in our evening hours, pile up is huge.

9X0TA this one was on twenty meter phone and makes an appearance in the afternoon, no set time  14.235 up big signal as well.

3XY3D has been active on 15 21.040 up 16:30 Z. All of the mentioned stations are on and make a large amount of contacts.

For the more closer scene VP2MDL on Montserratt does count for a separate entity and has been worked,or heard  on 80 meters  3.510Khz  at 0400Z.

Ten has not produced much, we would like to see some activity on that band, it just has not happened. Ok, stay tuned, more to come.