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DX Report 11/06/17
« on: November 06, 2017, 02:21:11 PM »
DX has not been bad in the last few days, VK9MA is on with a regular operation and has a good signal into N.A. when the propagation favors us. So Far we have grabbed two contacts one for a new CW country, 14,025 up 1740Z and a forty meter contact 11/05/17 7.025 up 10:43Z. The forty meter contact took a little time to crack the pile up, but we got a contact. I have already confirmed it via log search of VK9MA. Mellish Reef is not heard that often, and this group is doing it the right way.

We also grabbed TZ4AM on 80 meters  3.504 up 11/06/17 0435Z, pretty easy on this one, few callers at the time of morning we called.

Now there is a new operation from 9X0TA 11/06/16 1957Z 14.235 up, easy to work big signal remember with all these operations to use split, do not call on their transmitting frequency. Listen to the instructions.

I have seen on he DX cluster one portable operation from another VK9 entity, we have yet to hear this station and when they are heard few contacts are a result. As I have mentioned with Portables, documentation should be sent to ARRL DXCC, no documentation, no credit will result.

There is also a 3X limited operation, we noticed they were on 15 meters for a short time, but the spot was 9 minutes old, I listened on 15, but nothing heard and no one calling. We will continue to pursue this one since we need a new band country and there is activity. Stay tuned, more to come.