Author Topic: DX Contest summation 10/30/17  (Read 261 times)


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DX Contest summation 10/30/17
« on: October 30, 2017, 03:57:04 AM »
I decided to attack a couple of bands where I could use some new band countries, ten meters was alive for a short period with lots of Caribbean stations and South America. We added a few to our total and we might have been satisfied with that, but there was more to come. I also added some new band countries on 80 meters waiting until the time of night when Gray Line Propagation took place.

Now for those of you not knowing about Gray line, it when one side of the contact is in darkness and the other side is just beginning to see sunrise, it is amazing to hear signals from Europe on 80 meters sometimes at strong levels, as high as ten over nine.

We made use of Gray line, adding EA9, CT3, EA8, 80 meters was like shooting fish in a barrel no effort to rack up lots of contacts in Europe. We finally had to quit, since on Sunday we have other commitments and also on Sunday afternoon. Over all, I would say this contest rated good, not outstanding, but good, we did work several stations in Japan and Australia, but nothing else in the Pacific. Other then Japan not much else from Asia, all though I did see spotted the contest station from China on 40 meters. Since I had worked that station in other contests I was more concerned to add entities on bands where I needed to fill some holes.

If the CW contest is this good we will continue to rack up new band countries, if not, well there is always next year.