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DX Report 10/27/17
« on: October 27, 2017, 07:18:56 AM »
S21ZAS was on this morning twenty meters 14.032 up 1, signal was heard and worked Long path. Copied about 579, however by 1215Z the signal was fading fast.

In other news the VK9CZ operation started out with a bang, but for the last two days nothing heard on any band. Not sure what is going on with that one? The country of Turkey is using a special prefix TC1 normally Turks use the TA prefix. The two that we have worked that is TC were fast speed CW ops, it appeared that the op was sending faster then he could receive. The op's cw sending skills were run together words and some what hard fist to copy, however just an exchange of signal reports and your call can be copied with some degree of being recognized.

On the closer home front, I did see spotted an operation from Grand Turk island VP5 and apparently gearing up for the contest, this was a stateside station using /VP5. There are some areas of the Caribbean I do not expect to hear this contest. Lack of power, most villages destroyed by the Hurricane. VP5 is not a real rare one, but if depends if you need it on your DXCC list.

Keep the rig warm this weekend, hand on the VFO, we will see what is out there this time?