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DX Report 10/26/17
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:18:48 AM »
 8) VK9CZ made the scene and this is the first time I have heard any operation to VK9 piling up contacts, in previous times it did not seem to be much operating. We did manage to gain a contact on 40 meters 7.022khz 2300Z. The expedition is apparently hooked to the internet since the logging was sent to Clublog instantly. I checked my self and I am in the log, so a new band country.

Hopefully, some operation on 15 and 10, we will see how it goes on those bands.  ;D ;D ;D

In other news the S21  off and on a lot is very weak to the West Coast, not much of a signal, so we are not expecting this one only by luck.

We could use S21 on 40 and 10, otherwise we have it in the confirmed pile long ago.

E44WE, this one has only been spotted on 15, it is apparent the ops are Novice, one report had them operating and heard on 21.001 RTTY and getting no answers. It appears this is the only mode they have been using and it is very little. Maybe some seasoned ops will come to the aid.

VU7CT faded away, last operation I recall they were on five minutes a day and made two contacts and that was it, same frequency on 15 meters, we waited for them and called, got contact and a qsl several weeks later. Think Vu7CT
 has vanished quickly.

ARRL CW DX contest coming up over the weekend, my predictions bands will be poor to fair.