Author Topic: Prediction for CQWW  (Read 244 times)


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Prediction for CQWW
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:26:02 AM »
Looking at the bands today and last night, it does not appear it will be a super weekend for contesting. I suspect we will have activity from Europe, a few stations from Asia, mostly Japan and lots of activity from the PJ prefix and P4. Perhaps, some others from the Caribbean area will also activate. South America should have some areas active and some will not be, that is just the way it is with contests.

Bands sound poor today, few signals, it may carry over for the weekend, or who knows they may fly wide open. I plan to look on ten meters for what I can find, plus 80 meters, although I do not look for much on either band that I have not already worked.

For those that do not work CW sit this one out and wait for the phone contest in November.