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DX Report 10/21/17
« on: October 21, 2017, 01:29:28 PM »
The recent expedition to Annobon Island is in full operation mode, we copy this station daily and some amateur band, last night it was 3.504 khz listening up, you can imagine the pile up. The signal was a little weak due to the band conditions, but other nights we heard them fine. It is just getting over the pile ups that is the problem.

On 40, again a big signal 7.029 and up, we have yet to crack the pile up on 40, but again we keep trying.. However, we did gain one new band and that was ten meters, 28.029 up, the window was short about an hour if that, but signals were good. Good enough to copy and exchange a report.

The expedition was also heard on 15 21.300 up 5 to 10, pile up was pretty large, but the signal from them very good indeed, about the only thing on the band.

In other dx ZD7BR has been heard and worked on 14.200 nice signal and easy to work, around 2100Z for this one.

There is a portable operation from Bonaire 0230Z 3.797KHz pretty easy to work, station reported high noise level in his area and could only hear a few stations. We were one of them with an easy contact and new band country. PJ4/NT5X is active and wanting contacts.

Apparently, the VK9XI operation has folded up the tent, we never heard, or saw spotted VK9CI on Cocos, we wrote this on off some time ago. VK9XI was Christmas and VK9CI Cocos, not sure of what happened,but as I have mentioned this seems to be the norm for VK9.

The S21 operation has not produced much, few contacts, little operating.

These were the most notable stations in the last few days.