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« on: October 11, 2017, 03:56:29 AM »
According to the latest info, VK9XI has now closed down and is heading for Cocos Keeling using the call VK9CI. We were able to hear VK9XI weakly on long path, but a consistent signal and on for long periods did not seem to exist.  Normally, the skip for this area of the world happens in the early hours of the morning around 1200Z and may last an hour, or longer. This was not the case, nothing ever heard in the morning hours from this station.

I suspect the pile ups will be heavy, so be sure you can split your radio frequency, look on long path, that is beaming East, or North East depending on where you are and good luck with this one. We did not copy any SSB activity on CW, we shall see what happens during the week?