Author Topic: DX Report 10/09/17  (Read 343 times)


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DX Report 10/09/17
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:05:10 AM »
Looks like a pretty good weekend, you have the California qso party going on if you need counties, lots of stations on the air.

Now as to DX, this hobby never fails to interest me, we saw a spot of Ri1F active on 80 cw, well had not worked that area in some time, so decided to see if I could hear the station operating from Franz Jo Land. Sure enough copy was good around 4:30Z amazing indeed, we found the signal on 3.514khz. Gave them a call and had a contact, gee a new band country! Not to work just one we saw where FY5KE also on 3.519 just a few minutes later. Wham, another new band country!

Life is good, My antenna was the OCF Buckmaster at 70 feet, it does work if you can get it tuned right, so this was my weekend blast. Hope to catch some more stations on 80, used to work that band many years ago.

There was a very loud station on from Hungary, 3.800Khz big signal running about 10 over, I did not try and work him since I have it confirmed on the band several years ago.