Author Topic: DX Report 10/05/17  (Read 256 times)


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DX Report 10/05/17
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:17:31 PM »
Looks like A5A has done the vanishing act for good, info on web site states operating to the 8th, however a good 24 hour period has elapsed and nothing heard, or spotted. Who Knows?

Good signal worked tonight from S9YY 14.024 up 2, good to hear some activity from S9.

H40GC was making it long path for some time this afternoon, 2000Z signal was heard on 14.014 up 2, unless you have a pretty good antenna system this station on long path would not be audible. We were copying 579 for the most part, signal was dipping into the noise and then peaking again to a 579. We did work this station on the third around 2330Z on twenty CW, good signal at that time.