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Elecraft KPA 1500 Linear
« on: September 22, 2017, 06:00:35 PM »
Elecraft has made a giant leap into the linear amplifier field with their model KPA 1500. This unit is impressive and has all the extras on it hams expect, or want these days. I was impressed with the design of the front panel, not overpowering, or too many buttons, no just the right amount and the basic functions. This amp has two outputs, you choose which one on the front panel, it does have a built in antenna tuner, this is not an optional item.

A few months ago I wrote an article on this web site about solid state amps, the progress in technology these days merits the use of solid state amplifiers, in fact I dumped all tube amps nearly ten years ago. At that time I purchased a Tokyo HL 2.5 amp, it has never failed me in all those years, I have run it hard in contests, long periods of being on, use CW for the most part and this amp just keeps going. 

For my second rig we have an Expert 1.3 and it too has done a great job, right now it is relegated to standby since we have a problem with our six meter beam. Down the road, I may replace the six meter beam with a newer model, but may opt for other bands since the declining cycle, the propagation may not be good for six.

I noticed on the KPA 1500 it covers all the ham bands, including 5 mhz and 12 meters, a big plus. There is one negative, the power supply is not built in the amp. In my THP and Expert they are built in nothing else to buy, or worry about, plug and play. I get the impression from the ads for the KPA 1500 the power supply is an extra item. The cost of the amp is around six thousand dollars, now if this price includes the PS, that is a good buy. It it does not, then you have an extra added expense. This could run the price up to well over $7000,however the voltage was not mentioned as to the voltage and current requirements. I doubt if they are using 13.5 volts, more like 24, or 48, but it was not mentioned in the ad, or power supply specs as of this date.

 I should clarify this a little more, the THP does not have a built in antenna tuner, it is a single output linear. The Expert has two outputs, several inputs and the antenna tuner is optional and very expensive. My amp does not have an antenna tuner, it is not needed on my yagi beam. It was suggested by Expert if you buy the antenna tuner later that you return your amp to the service center and have them install the tuner.

However, I think the KPA 1500 deserves some looks, it may be the only and last amp you will ever buy.
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