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DX Report 4/11/17
« on: April 11, 2017, 03:30:07 AM »
Band conditions dropped again and nothing much making it.

We did manage to have a contact with 4W/N1YC yesterday morning on 40 meters logging him at 1158Z. Signal was outstanding and really strong at my location. I thought I was working a pirate to tell the truth about it. Before going to bed last night I checked his log via the qsl manager and yes it was legit contact. Thing is, in the excitement of hearing this station I thought it would be a new band country. It was not after I checked my list, so be it, we may send a request for a card and then maybe not?

Been nice for a 15 meter contact, or ten meters but that is wishful thinking.

We did manage to work 7Y20MDC signal was about a 55 on twenty phone, normally a signal from Algeria is pretty strong.

Let's see what we noted on the bands during a rather bad day for DX

3D2SE 7.005 0535Z

CX6VM 10.117 0155

TF3JB 14.025.7 0120Z

J5W 18.143 up 5 1925Z