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DX Report 3/17/17
« on: March 17, 2017, 06:53:23 AM »
To sum up the two expeditions in the last couple of weeks they were outstanding in operation, running a DX expedition like it is supposed to be run.

TU7C will close down on the 18th so you will have today and maybe tomorrow to work them if you have not already done so.

5U5R will close down on the 21st again you have a few more days, but after that they are folding up the tent.

There has been scant activity from S21EZD quite frankly I did not expect much, station has been spotted on 10.112 1055Z  and 14.032 0220Z. Big problem seems to be no ears on the part of this operation. Lots of callers few replies, it does not look like a good operation in regards to antenna systems used, or operators not hearing a thing. I would not hold your breath for this one. We have this one on 20 and 15, had hoped for some ten meter action, but nothing.

T88XH has shown up on 15 21.022 0500Z, we have yet to hear this station, but then again we have not been looking, we have this entity on several bands.

Overall, band conditions have not produced much other then the few expeditions taking place, we wait and see what will happen, but with high magnetic activity and low sunspot count, the out look is not good. But, then again, we never know for sure. Keep the rig warm and the antennas in the right direction.