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DX Report 2/23/17
« on: February 23, 2017, 04:33:45 AM »
Looks like TX5T and VP6EU are really providing contacts back into North America, I listed a number of frequencies where they are and very good signals. In fact working them on 40 meter phone was very easy, almost like a local signal.

On the other hand the XX9D operation I did hear them on 40.7.004 in the early morning, the signal was not even above the noise roughly 549 or 539 at best. Lots of West Coast stations calling, but not enough copy to even tell who they were working. Seems they are on for a few contacts, by the time someone starts spotting them on the clusters, they vanish.

I have seen reports of them on 14.180, nothing, also on 15, again nothing, yet the other two expeditions are just coming in like locals, odd indeed.

Last night around 2320z we managed to work VP6EU on 28.030 the op was slow in returning to anyone, cw speed about 15 wpm and they apparently the op thought he was split and was not. They kept jumping frequency by a KHz or more. We managed to work them about 500HZ from the transmitting frequency. Not sure what was going on at that time, but good signal on ten, they just needed a better cw op.  Earlier they were on 21.488 around 2000Z, the op stated they would be back the next day on the same frequency. We will listen for them and see what happens?