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Ten Ten International
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If you have ten meter privileges you may want to check out Ten Ten, lots of awards, plus the challenge of ten meters during times of low sunspot activity. I my self have never joined the organization, prefer to DX on 15/20/40 and add to my DX challenge.

However, this may be helpful to those who may be interested and looking for a good group of hams.

Ten Ten International
You have to make contacts to get results!

What is the Ten-Ten International Net?

The Ten-Ten International Net, Inc. was formed back in 1962 as the Ten-Ten Net of Southern California. Its purpose was to promote activity and good operating practice on the ten meter amateur band. During the first few years the organization grew slowly, but by 1975 there were 10,000 members, and the word "International" had crept into the name. There have now been over 75,000 10-10 numbers issued world wide.

The Ten-Ten International Net is a non-profit entity incorporated under the laws of the State of California.

Ten-Ten (or more commonly "10-10") has no paid employees. All of its officers and managers serve on a voluntary basis, and are reimbursed for necessary expenses only. With the great expansion of the organization in recent years, it has been necessary to employ computer processing for membership records and mailing labels. This has also permitted publication of a Membership Roster at suitable intervals and has facilitated mailing the quarterly 10-10 International News, which is sent to all paid-up members.

Ten-Ten's principal expenses are for printing, postage, and computer processing. Annual dues are $15.00 US members and $18.00 DX members to provide funds for expenses.

A membership card, certificate of membership and other items are sent to new members when membership is granted. Each new member is assigned a unique "10-10 Number" which is retained for life, regardless of a change of callsign. A 10-10 number is never re-issued. When one becomes an SK (Silent Key), his/her number is still listed in the membership records and Membership Roster.

Paid-up (ACTIVE) members receive a copy of the 10-10 International News, 10-10's own magazine which is published each quarter, and are eligible to participate in various 10-10 activities.
Questions and Answers...

The following questions are most commonly asked by those interested in 10-10 or by new members.
1) What are the benefits in belonging to 10-10?

10-10 is like any other ham radio organization, a group of hams who are interested in promoting 10 meters. In order to keep interest up on the 10 meter band, the idea of collecting "10-10 numbers" as an incentive in keeping the 10 meter band occupied was developed. The ultimate benefit is to keep the 10 meter band for Amateur Radio. Personally, each member enjoys the camaraderie of kindred spirits, whether the activity is informal rag chewing or numbers chasing or a more formal 10-10 QSO party.
2) What does It cost to belong to 10-10?

The dues are $15.00 per year for members with a US zip code, and $18.00 per year for all DX members. There is also a Life Membership available for $500.00 for US members and $650.00 for DX members. A Senior Life membership, with proof of age over 65, is $150.00 US and $200.00 for DX members.

There is also available a Family Membership for members of a family, who are 10-10 members in addition to the prime member. Family memberships are $5.00 per year for each additional family member. Family members do not receive copies of the 10-10 International News, but do vote in elections, and participate in all other 10-10 activities, awards and contests. Family members must all reside at the same address as the primary member. Family membership runs concurrently with primary membership.
3) How do I join and where do I get my 10-10 number?

Any licensed amateur authorized to operate on the 10 meter band can join 10-10. It is required that you contact 10 10-10 members (on 10 meters), listing their information as noted on the Membership Application form.
Please use this application form for new / renewal available at:  Application

DX amateurs: Please remember that dues must be paid in US dollars and by International Postal Money Order only.
4) What do I do with my 10-10 number now that I have received it?

You can exchange it with other 10-10 members (on 10 meters, of course) and keep a record of their number. There are numerous awards for collecting 10-10 numbers. These are briefly explained in the section entitled AWARDS.

You can just give your number to others when asked for it and not participate in any of the 10-10 Awards, Contests, etc. It is strictly up to you as to how involved you want to get in 10-10.
5) What happens to my 10-10 number it for some reason I lose interest in 10-10 or do not wish to continue my dues each year?

Once you are issued a 10-10 number, it is yours for life. If you decide to not participate in 10-10 and do not continue paying your dues each year, your number is still yours. You can still give it to other 10-10 members and you can still collect numbers yourself. Non-dues-paying members cannot participate in the "BAR" award program, cannot receive awards for contests and other 10-10 awards such as the Worked All States Award, the DX Award, the Worked All Continents Award, etc. You will also be removed from the list of those receiving the 10-10 International News each quarter. As you must recognize, it is the dues paying members that are the backbone of any organization.
6) Who runs the 10-10 Net?

The Ten-Ten International Net is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of California. All Officers, Committee Chairmen, Award Managers, and other function leaders associated with 10-10 serve the organization on a voluntary basis. These dedicated 10-10'ers devote a great deal of their spare time to the operation of 10-10.
7) What is a 10-10 Chapter?

Local groups of 10-10 members get together and form a "10-10 Chapter". These Chapters, of which there are approximately 200 active internationally at this time are authorized by the 10-10 Chapter Coordinator and make regular reports as to their Chapter activities. Usually Chapters meet once each week and hold a "Net Meeting". Each member checks into the net and non-chapter members are also invited to check in. One important activity of each net meeting is to exchange 10-10 numbers with new members or new check-ins. Any net business is discussed, such as the Chapter participation in an upcoming 10-10 contest or discussion of any other items of interest.

Many Chapters issue Certificates for contacting other members of their Chapter.
8) How many 10-10 numbers are there?

10-10 has issued, at the time of this printing, over 75,000 10-10 numbers. 10-10 has members worldwide with members in almost every country in which ham radio is authorized. 10-10 also has approximately 200 authorized 10-10 Chapters around the world.

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