Author Topic: DX Report 11/30/16  (Read 263 times)


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DX Report 11/30/16
« on: November 30, 2016, 05:06:29 AM »
Propagation has not been very good in the last few days, we do have a few to report.

R1AND this one has been active and for those of you looking for Zone 38, aim your beam south and go for it.
14.033 2300Z. This also counts for South pole, so grab this one while you have a chance.

9J2BO 7.032 0345Z

VK9NF well another off and on operation, off more then on, Norfolk Island if you can catch them, so far only 17 18.086 2310Z.

FH/HB9AMO this one is operating from Mayotte, 21.030 1355Z. As I have mentioned before about portable stations if they do not send in the proper documentation to ARRL then it cannot be counted. Take your chances on this one.

Nothing heard from 8Q7SP many opportunities for this one, but they have to be on when the window is open to North America, so far they have not been. Another write off, seems like none of the operations from 8Q7 ever get going in a large number of contacts to North America. Ok, we do not need it, could use it on ten, but chances are slim to none and Slim left town.