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DX Report 10/10/12
« on: October 10, 2012, 04:54:42 AM »
Conditions have been so poor in the last two weeks on the upper bands that few stations have been worked, or heard. Twenty has remained pretty dead for most of the day, so we may be reaching the bottom of the cycle for certain.

On 40 a few have surfaced of notation and a couple are short expeditions.

3D2GC this is an operation on Fiji one of the operators from the Conway reef expedition has stopped for a few days. He is active on 40 meters around 7005 khz in the early hours of the morning. Good signal around 1000Z until the sun comes up and he fades.

8P6DR from Barbados good signal on any band, heard this morning on 40 around 7.007 khz worked on other bands as well. Check around 1000Z plus DXscape for all details

TT8TT continues to operate and will have about another week worked this country long ago, have heard it on 40 with rather weak signal on cw and phone. Hear them about 0100z on cw 7.007 and up. On phone, 7.160 and up, depends on band conditions if they are heard well of course. Check DXscape for all details.

Another operation is a brief expedition using a 7Z call, 7Z is Saudi Arabia, or the prefix used for non citizens, normally it is HZ. This group is operating from a rare IOTA, if worked you can count it for the rare IOTA or for Saudi Arabia. Either way good catch on 40, however the time, or two I heard them the signal is very weak and conditions very poor. I have also caught them on twenty around 14.260 working many stations. If you need this one check Dxscape for all details.

Lastly, VQ9JC makes an appearance now and then from Chagos, big signal noted on twenty cw when he does appear, aim north for this one, mostly around 14,015, 14.012 khz and about 1300z.

Let's hope things pick up more in the coming fall season, remember to set clocks back November 1st and get another hour of snooze.  ;D