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Title: DX Expeditions for February 2018
Post by: k4lrx on February 07, 2018, 04:36:20 AM
With the 3Y0 mission aborted for now we still have some good ones coming up this month. One note is there will be three stations on from 2/8 till 2/14 from Belize. This is multi band efforts for all three, Belize is not that far away, but if you do not have it, or need a contact for DXCC challenge this will be a great chance.

The calls listed are V31CQ, V31VP, V31JZ  and all will be active till the 14th. I am going to snoop around ten meters since I need this one ten, just never worked V31 on ten over the years, otherwise I am in good shape.

Another effort this month will be the Isle Of Man, this one counts as a separate entity they are a number of British ops  and they will be using the call MT0IXD short stay 2/9 to 2/12.

Lastly, another effort for C5 call will be C5DX multi band effort 2/9 to 2/16. Last effort did not amount to much, so this one may provide a chance for those who need it. Other then the ones listed February looks pretty sparse.